About KLee

Karyn is a wig maker and licensed hairstylist of over 25 years. Her love for the beauty industry began with her mom sending her to the salon. There was something about the feeling she had after enjoying a day in the stylist chair that lead her behind the chair.

Originally from Compton, California Karyn moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Upon arrival she jumped into entrepreneurship and the beauty industry. 

Journeying deeper into her chosen career path Karyn created a name for herself  with hair extensions. Her ability to make extensions blend and emulate the appearance of natural hair defined her brand.

As her clientele grew she began to notice that Alopecia was affecting both younger and older clients. Karyn then set a goal to find a way to make those clients feel like themselves again. She took time to research and invest in custom wig/unit making education. Thus, KLee Luxury Wig Collection was birthed. 

Using her passion for hair, skill, and countless hours of education and hard work Karyn has been able to create units that are undetectable and natural.

Not only has Karyn invested in her wig making education, she has sought out top of the line raw hair from Southeast Asia and India. With proper care and maintenance these luxury extensions will last for years to come.

 Say less, and "Let your unit speak for you!"