What's the processing time for Custom Orders?
All custom orders are processed within 1-3 business days.
Once your order is processed please allow 20-25 days for the creation and shipment of your custom unit.
What's the processing time for Ready To Ship (RTS) Units?
RTS Units will be shipped out within 3 business days of your confirmed order
Do you offer refunds?
No, due to the nature of the product KLee Wigs does not offer refunds.
When placing an order, 
make sure you choose the correct length, texture, and/or color.
Do you offer exchanges?
No, due to the nature of the product KLee Wigs does not offer exchanges.
Please be sure to order the correct extensions before checking out on the website.
Can I make changes to an order?
Once you have placed the order we are unable to accommodate any changes.
If you have any questions or uncertainties please reach out from a brief email consultation prior to placing your order.
Are these units Glue-Less?
Yes, All of our units are glue-less and can be worn without adhesive.
However, you may apply adhesive at your discretion.. 
What type of closures are used for these units?
All of our units are created with HD 5x5 closures.
What type of hair do you carry?
We carry 100% RAW HAIR.
Is this hair from multiple donors? 
No, KLee Wigs only uses single donor hair.
Since this is Raw Hair, can it be colored?
Absolutely! We suggest you seek out a licensed professional
to assure the integrity of the unit is maintained. 
What are Ready To Ship Units?
These units are pre-made by KLee. Please carefully read the entire description of each unit before purchasing, as units all are final sale.
How long will my unit last?
With proper maintenance and upkeep 
your KLee Unit is expected to last up to 5 years.
Does KLee Hair shed?
Any hair that's been stitched on a weft will experience some shedding. However to prevent any and all shedding we recommend that you or your stylist apply weft sealer along each track on the unit.
How often should I wash my unit? 
We recommend carefully washing your unit at least every 2-3 weeks,
or when you start to feel build up on the unit.
How do I store my KLee Unit? 
We suggest purchasing a Unit Storage Bag to protect your unit and preserve the style.
What's the proper way to wear my hair underneath my unit? 
We suggest having your hair braided back in narrow cornrows
to achieve a smooth flat feel from your unit.
What is a unit revamp?
Yes, we currently offer unit revamp. Each unit revamp includes a new closure, shampoo, deep condition, air dry, and style. 
What is a unit refresh?
KLee will give your unit a "spa day." 
The unit refresh includes a shampoo, deep condition, air dry, and style.